#Onthisday 2nd June in history Pope Leo XI Born 1535 A.D.  He was the pope from the 1st to the 27th April 1605 A.D. His full name is Alessandro Ottoviano de’ Medici who was born in Florence and he was the son Francesca Salviati and Ottoviano. He was also the great nephew of the Pope Leo X.

He had numerous roles and in his Priest hood, Florentine ambassador pope Pius V from 1569-1584 A.D. Then Archbishop of Florence 1574 A.D. and also the Medici was elevated into the cardinalate in 1583 A.D. various other roles.

He was remembered as one of the briefest in history and lasted under a month, but he was a Prominent figure in “The house of Medici: origins from Florence. When he was elected Leo XI and at 70 years of age and died after twenty seven days later. He was known as Papa Lampo “Lightning Pope” due to his short rule.