Alfonso X #onthisday in history was elected the king of Castile and Leon and Galicia on 1252 A.D. he was born in the year 1221.ad and died on 4th April 1284 A.D. he ruled until his death. During the imperial election of 1257 A.D. there was a dissident faction chose him to be the king of the Romans. 1st April he renounced his imperial claim in 1275 A.D. and creating an alliance with England in 1254 A.D. and claimed Gascony as well. In the development of Alfonso X’s court which was, interesting, it was cosmopolitan which than encouraged, Jew’s, Muslim’s and Christian’s to have prominent roles in history, court. In this, he was encouraging the exchange and translation of works from Arabic to Latin, which led to many intellectual changes. Such as higher learning, science, medicine and law.