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#Onthisday in history the Peasants’ Revolt it was also known the Great Rising. There was a major uprising across the largest parts of England in 1381 A.D. The revolt had many various causes, such as the Socio-economic and the Political tension that was rising which was generated by the black death in 1340s. In which was the of the high taxes from the conflict from France during the hundred years war, and also the instability within the local leadership of London. Which was the final trigger for this revolt, which was the intervention of the royal official known as John Bampton in Essex on 30th May in the 1381 A.D.

He attempted to collect unpaid poll taxes in the area of Brentwood  which ended in a violent confrontation and spread progressively across the South-east of the country.  A wide amount of different classes such as Local artisans and village officials rose up in protest, and the burning court record and opening up local goals. In which the rebels wanted a reduction in taxes and also the end of the system of unfree labour, which was known as Serfdom and finally the removal of the king’s senior officials and law courts.