#Onthisday in the groovy historical world, Mehmed III was born on May 26th 1556 A.D. and died around about December 21/22 1603.AD he was the sultan of the ottoman empire from 1595.AD until his death 1603.AD. He was remembered as the most brutal of the ottoman sultans for the reason of murdering his siblings and a general period of revolts and unease.

(c) National Trust, Anglesey Abbey; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

(c) National Trust, Anglesey Abbey; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

He was born in the era of the golden age of the ottoman empire of during the reign of his Great-Grandfather known as Suleiman the Magnificent in 15566. He was the sultan of Sehzade Murad who was later (Murad III) which himself was the Sehzade Selim which was known as (Selim II) Who was the son of Sultan Suleiman and Hurrem Sultan.

Mehmed III was the most brutal out of the ottoman sultan for the reason of having nineteen of his brothers and half brothers, to be executed to secure power, they were all strangled by his deaf-mutes.


Remembering some of the major events took place in his rule was the Austro-Ottoman war in Hungary between (1593-1606). The ottoman defeats in the war , cause Mehmed III taking personal command of the ottoman army, Which was the first since the Suleiman I in 1566. The Ottomans conquered Eger in 1596.AD However the ottomans decide to face the enemy and eventually defeated the Habsburg and Transylvanian forces of Battle of Krestztes.

Vital major event took place which was known as Jelali revolts, this was a bloody period of unrest and problems in Anatolia.