David I #onthisday in history of 24th May 1153 A.D. He died, he was a 12th century ruler of the Prince of Cumbrian’s between the years of 1113-1124 A.D. and then later the king of the Scots until the 1124-1153 A.D. he was the youngest son of Mael Coluimm III and the Margaret of Wessex. David spent most of his childhood in Scotland, but he was, for a brief moment exiled to England in 1093 A.D. After some time in 1100 A.D. he become depended on from the court of King Henry I and there was some influence by the Normans and Anglo-French culture in the courts.


The death of David’s brother who was known as Alexander I of Scotland died in 1124 A.D. David also choose requested backing from Henry I to take the kingdom of Scotland for himself.

After the death of his former Patron Known as Henry I , he expanded his influence and conquest to the north of England, even though, despite his defeat at battle of standard in 1138 A.D. Overall the Davidian Revolution was an important term because this was the time for changes in Scotland and during his reign, foundations of Burghs, regional markets and much more were established.