#Onthisday in history Dong Zhuo he died, 22nd May 192 A.D. he was a politician and warlord who lived in the later Eastern Han dynasty. Dong Zhuo took control of and seized the capital of Luoyang in 189 A.D. At this time the state was in decadence and turmoil following the death of Emperor Ling. A Clash between the Eunuch faction and a few of the court officials was led by the General in chief known as He-Jin, after that Emperor Shao was deposed and later Emperor Xian was instated.


Zhuo rose to power in the Han Imperial court because of this the nation was ruled with, tyranny and cruelty, for a time, After some year’s the coalition of regional officials and some other warlords launched a punitive campaign against Dong, which forced him to move the capital to Chang’an.