#Onthisday in history in a groovy way 8th May 1450 A.D. Jack Cades Rebellion Kentishmen revolt against the King Henry VI.


Jack Cade was a popular revolt leader who rebelled against the English government in  1450 A.D. during, this time, the revolt was against the weak, unpopular King Henry VI. Not much is known about the rebel leader himself, but the events of the rebellion engraved his name in the records of the fifteenth-century chronicles. During the Jack Cade Rebellion, the problems with the local grievances and corruption of the government had boiled over, the abuse of power surrounding the king, which centered around his closest advisors. Furthermore, the anger of the rebels was worsened due to the high debts of many years of warfare against the French and the recent loss of lands such as Normandy, Lead to Jack Cade gathering an army from Kent and local surrounding counties to London to attempt to force the government to end the corruption and remove the traitors who surrounded the king.