#Onthisday in groovy history a Famous archeologist was born Désiré_Charnay 2nd May 1828 and died on 24th October 1915 A.D. he was a French traveller and archaeologist was was noted for the journeys of Mexico and Central America he used Photography  and documentary in discoveries.
He was born in the Fleuriex-Sur-l’ Arbresele he studied at a place known at Lycee Charlemagne, and in the years of 1850 he was a teacher at New Orleans Louisiane. When he travelled to Mexico under the commission of the French ministry of education between the years of 1857-1861 Madagascar, 1863, then South American areas such as Argentina and Chile. He visited the ruins of the cities of Mexico between the years of 1880-83 . Upon his travel’s he wrote important publications such as “Le Mexique, souvenirs et impressions de voyage (1863)” which were a personal report on explorations and findings in many places where he went.