28th April #onthisday in history 1503 A.D. the “battle of Ceringola” was fought. But in history, it was a battle to be won by small firearms using gunpowder and not the traditional archery-cavalry style of warfare.


The battle was fought between the Spanish and French armies at Cerigonla, which is south of Italy, the Spanish forces were under the command of “Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba” who had 6.300 men, this army also included 2,000 landsknechte and more than 1,000 arquebusier followed by roughly 20 cannons The French were defeated even though they numbered 9,000 men and heavy gendarme cavalry supported by Swiss mercenary pikeman. The French received 40 cannons as reinforcements but it were to late for the French army to sway the battle to their advantage.