Emperor Go-Shirakawa, he was born on October 18th 1127 A.D. and died on April 26th 1192 A.D. he was the 77th emperor of Japan in order for traditional of succession, he reigned from the year 1155 A.D. until 1158 A.D.


In the 12th century he was named after 11th century emperor Shirakawa, which means “Later” and in Japanese translated into the second one.

He gained more power after the Hogen rebellion afterwards he had gained the title c of emperor 1155 A.D.and reigned until 1158 A.D. He abdicated but he still held important powers, such as the “cloistered emperor”. But he attempted to decrease the influence and power of the Fujiwara clan focusing his efforts into granting more power for samurai. But his policy did allow the “Taira no Kiyomori: to seize power but by the end of his life, this allowed the Minamoto no Yorimoto to establish the Kamura shogunate in Kamakura.

The establishment of the Shogunate which was the start of samurai control in Japan for 700 years until the Meiji Restoration in the mid 19 century.