Geza I was born in the year 1040 A.D. but he died #onthisday in history which was 25th April 1077 A.D. he was the king of Hungary 1074 A.D. until the end of his life. The eldest son of king Bela I . When he got Baptismal his name was Magnus. Geza’s father died in the year of 1063 A.D., Geza had a cousin called Solomon who got help to gain the crown with German assistances. Which forced Geza to leave the country but with the help of the Polish reinforcements a treaty had been signed in the early years of 1064 A.D.

There were close ties and understanding between Geza and Solomon 1071 A.D. But in the year 1074 A.D. 14th March  Geza was victories in a decisive “Battle of Mogyorod” after which he soon gained the throne.