24th April #onthisday in history 1184 B.C. which was the traditional date of troy.


In greek mythology there was trojan war, the war was waged against the city of Troy by the Achaeans (Greeks_ after the Paris of Troy took Helen away from her husband, Menelaus.) He was the king of Sparta, this was one of the most important details in the mythological account, of Greek literature, most notably the works through homers Iliad. Ilaid talks about the final parts of the siege of Troy, where the odyssey describes the journey home, one of the War hero’s, the other part of the event was described by the cycle of the epic poems, of which some of the fragments had survived.

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Accounts of the ancient Greeks treated the Trojan war as a historical event which took place in the 12th-13th century B.C. and believed that Troy was located near the Dardanelles which is now modern Turkey. According to a German Archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann who had met with Frank Calvert, convinced Schliemann that Troy was in Hisslarlik. But many scholars believe that the historical core of the tale may have been a specific battle which took place in 11th-12th century B.C.