21st April 1821 A.D. #onthisday in history, Benderli Ali Pasha arrived in Constantinople (Istanbul) as the new Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, however he was only in power for nine days before being sent into exile.


He was an Ottoman statesman and a Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire

During his rule from 23rd March until 30th April as Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire but he only Wielded power for 9 days from 21st April 1821 A.D.

But it was on clear orders of the Ottoman sultan known as Mahmud II he was executed.

According to the Ottoman book known as the “Sicill-i Osmanli on the 12th April 1821 A.D. he was deminished by sultan Mahmut and sent to Rhodes for exile, where he died. The other annals of Ottoman historian, who was called Ahmet Cevdet Efendi, a book called “Tarih0I Cevdet” , the Grand Vizier was sent to Cyprus in exile and then later he was executed by the royal executors. Many different accounts and there is much speculation in the history and the mysteries of different accounts.