#Onthisday in a groovy way of History: a famous university was founded in Italy, in the city of Rome, the university of was called “Sapienza University of Rome” in the year of 1303, 20th April A.D. with the Papal bull, which was stamped by Pope Boniface VIII for the ecclesiastical studies and more under his control, beside the great other universities such as Bologna and Padua, the Sapienza University of Rome was made it the first pontifical university.


1431 A.D. the Pope Eugene IV reorganized the stadium with the bull, in which the grand masters and the students alike were granted the broadest possibilities and privileges. The university included four schools of one of law, medicine, theology and philosophy. Upon this he introduced new tax on wine which was used to raise more money for university and to invest .But in the year 1650 the university was known as Sapienza which meant wisdom.