18th April 1590 A.D. Ahmed I the ottoman Sultan was born #onthisday in a groovy way. he died in the year of 1617 A.D. he ruled from the years of 1603 A.D. until his death in 1617 A.D.


The great accomplishments in his reign was the creating of the masters piece known as “Blue Mosque:” one of the most visited and greatest of Ottoman history.

He was the son of Mehmet the III his father was a cruel ruler and many of his siblings were put to death, and his mother was Handan Sultan. When he ascended the throne, his grandmother known as Safiye Sultan was very powerful and had a great many influential spheres.

During his rule from the start Ahmed I showed great energy, by making straight forward, decision and vigorous conditions, which were then conducted. There were many wars that he attended such as wars with Hungry and Persia but both ended badly in his favor. A famous treaty was signed known as the “Treaty of Zsitvatorok” in the year 1606 A.D. which by the end was the paying of annual tribute by Austria. There were many more failures of wars such as the (Ottoman-Safavid war 1603-18), which affected and changed the boarders between the Ottomans and Safavid.



Ahmed I expanded various trade treaties with many western powers, but the first ever trade agreement was made between the Ottomans and Netherlands in July 1612 A.D.