17th April 1277 A.D. Michael IX Palaiologos of the Byzantine Empire, was born and became emperor. He died on the day of 12th October 1320 A.D.

He reigned as a co-emperor- with a full imperial style from the years of 1294-1320 A.D. Michael IX was the eldest son of the Andronikos II Palaiologos and his mother Anna of Hungary , 1260-1281 A.D.


He was the  a co-emperor from the years of 1281 A.D. and crowned in the year of 1294 A.D. But in the year of 1300, sent the head of Alanian, mercenaries against the Turks in Asia minor. He had to lead an army to deal with the rebellious Catalan company, after the murder of the Catalan commander Roger de Flor, Micheal IX let the Byzantine troops, however he was defeated and wounded, against the Catalans,

He was a brave and energetic soldier willing to make personal sacrifices to pay and help out his troops, but he was not able to stop his Troops. Michael died at the age of 43.