#Onthisday in history 1346 A.D. 16th April: Dusan the Mighty was proclaimed emperor, who controlled the Serbian Empire as well occupied much of the Balkans in there domain.



He was born in the year of 1308 A.D. and died in the year of  1355 A.D. he was the king of Serbia from 8th September 1331 A.D. and the Emperor of the Serbs and Greeks. From the years of 16th April 1346 A.D. until his death. Dusan had vast military campaigns when he conquered the Southern parts of  East Europe, thus becoming one of the most powerful monarchs of that era.

He made a Bill for the constitution of the Serbian Empire which was known as the “Dusan Code”, which was the most important work in medieval Serbia. Under his rule Serbia reached the height of Territorial, economical , territorial and cultural power.

Thus the death of Dusan in 1355 A.D. was seen to end the resistances of the advancing Ottoman Empire.