#Onthisday in history: 15th April 1558 A.D. the death of Roxelana the Ottoman wife of the “Suileiman the Magnificent.”

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Hurrem sultan was born in the year 1502 and died in 1558 15th  April, she was also known as “Roxelana”, the favorite consort and later the legal wife of the Ottoman Sultan: Suleiman the Magnificent, she was the mother of the: Sehzade Mehmed, Mihrimah Sultan, Sehzade Abdullah, Sultan Selim II, Sehzade Bayezid and the youngest Sehzade Cihangir, She was remembered in Ottoman history as one of the most powerful and influential women because of the “prominent Figure: during an era known as the “Sultanate of Women”. She was the chief wife of the sultan, (Haseki Sultan: when her husband Suleiman I was ruling, She had achieved great political power in the Ottoman Empire through her husband, she played active roles in the empires affairs; She had great influenced as well over the many aspects that took place.