1294 A.D. Temur the grandson of the Great “Kublai Khan” who was elected as the Khagan of the Mongols, and the emperor of Yuan Dynasty with other titles such as: Oljeitu and Chengzong.


Temur Oljeytu Khan was born October 15th 1265 A.D. and he died on February 10th 1307 A.D. He was the second emperor of Yuan Dynasty and ruled from May 10th 1294 A.D. until February 10th 1307 A.D. Which apart from being Emperor of China was also seen as the Sixth Great Khan of Mongol Empire. Although there was a division within the empire, he was able to rule the Yuan and had established the powers over the next few decades. His name meant “Blessed Iron Khan” Mongolian Language.

Temur was the son of the crown prince Zhenjin, during his rule the Mongol Empire accepted his supremacy.