12th April 240 A.D. – #Onthisday Shapur I is crowned as king of the Sasanian Empire, Ruled between the years of 240/42 – 270/72, however it is highly likely he was a co-regent and reigned with his father, upon his father’s death which was around 240 A.D. Shapur I was also known “Shapur I the Great”. 

The most important achievement of his reign was a major victory over the Romans which is known as the Battle of Edessa, there the Roman army was defeated and as was the Roman Emperor “Valerian”. This is a major fact in history because he was the only Roman Emperor to be captured in warfare, which caused great instability in the empire. This was seen as the one of the worst disasters in Roman military history.


This image is showing the boarders of the Romans and Persians after the year of 244 A.D.