11th April 1240 A.D. a Welsh prince known as “Lywelyn the great” died, but he was born in the year of 1172 A.D., he was a prince of Gwynedd in the north of Wales , and in the later years was a “de facto ruler: of most of Wales, which was a volatile mixture of war and diplomacy in Wales for the next 40 years.


during his life as a boy, Gwynedd was ruled by his two uncles, and the kingdom was spilt between them both, but upon the death of Lywelyn’s grandfather, “Owain Gwynedd, in the year of 1170. He, Llywelyn had a strong claimant to be the ruler! He had started campaigns to win all power over Wales. By the year of 1200 he was the only ruler and he made a treaty with king John of England that year. The relations between Lylwelyn and John were relativity good. A decade later, there was trouble between John and the ruler, so the invasion started, but a year later, Lywelyn allied with other Welsh princes and won land back. In year 1216 A.D. he was the dominant force in Wales, and held council at “Aberdyfi: with lands appointed to the other princes. His rulership and position lasted until his death and it was then passed on to his son, “Dafydd ap Llywelyn.