#Onthisday born in history 10th April 401 A.D. and died 28th July A.D. known as Theodosius II he was also known the Theodosius the younger. From the years when he was the Eastern Roman Emperor from the 408 A.D. until 450 A.D. the Theodosian law code, and also the walls of Constantinople were called “Theodosian walls”. Later he presided over the outbreaks of the “Christological Controversies” such as Nestorianiism and Eutychianism.

The year of 450 A.D. was the death of Theodosius, this was a result of a horse riding accident, this event led to the power struggle between Pulcheria and the Eunuch Ehrysaphius, the power struggled was settled in court when Pulcheria went to court, and won against, Eunuch Ehrysaphius.