Berengar I’s death was #Onthisday in history, 7th April 924 A.D.

He was born in the year of 845 A.D. and was the king of Italy from the years of 887 A.D. and the Holy Roman Emperor from the years of 915 A.D. until his death. He was known as “Berengar of Friuli” from the 874 A.D. until the years of 890 A.D. when he lost the control of the region by 896 A.D.


He rose to become on of the most important and influential laymen of the Empire of Charles the fat, who was replaced by Charles in Italy after, he was deposed in November 887 A.D. The reign for was a long 36 years, he had no less than seven other claimants to the Italian throne. This marked many problems further escalated by the arrivals of the the “Magyar” who they raided a lot of Western Europe. The last emperor crowned before the Otto the great was crowned in 962 A.D. after 38 years of interregnum.