Raphael was born #onthisday in history April 6th he died in the year 1520 A.D. he was an Italian painter and architect of the high renaissance period. There were many who admired his works, which were formed by the ease of the Composition and Visual achievement through the ideals. “Neoplatonic” of the grand Ideal of the “Human Grandeur”. He is ranked together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci who were known as great masters of art of that era.


Throughout his life he had a wide amount of works done, through running of unusually large workshops. Despite his death at the age of 37 he had a large amount volume of works. Most of his works are found in the Vatican palace, where there is a room fresco-ed in the Raphael rooms and are the central and largest of his career. One of the best known works he did is “the school of Athens”.

Upon his death thee great rivalries with Michelangelo which were wide spread until the 18th and 19th century. While Raphael, had more great qualities of his art work they were always cherished and inspired.