823A .D. #onthisday in history 5th Apirl Lothair I is crowned king of Italy by the Pope Paschal I.


Lothair was born in the year 795 A.D. and died in the year 855 A.D. and he was the holy Roman Emperor from the years of 817 A.D. -855 A.D. and a co-ruled with his father until 840 A.D. Lathair also ruled the lands Bavaria, Italy and middle Francia.


Lothair was the eldest son of the Carolingian Emperor known as the Louis the Pious and his wife was the “Ermengarde of Hesbaye”.  She was the daughter of the Ingerman the duke of Hesbaye. On several occasions Lothair decided to take full control of his brothers, Pippin Is land of Aquitane. Because of this the brother known as Charles the bold became a co-ruler to the Frankish domains. But upon their fathers death . Charles and Louis joined forces against Lothair which lead to a three year civil war. The struggle fought between the brothers directly broke up the Frankish Empire which was formed by their grandfather Charlemange, who laid the foundation of modern France and Germany.