#Onthisday in history 2nd April 1348 A.D. Andronikos IV Palaiologos was born, and died 28th June 1385 A.D. he was the eldest son of Emperor: John V Palaiologo by his wife “Helena Kantankouzene. His maternal grandparents were John VI Kantakouzenos and Irene Asania.

He ruled from the years of, 1376 to 1379. However he was a C0-emperor with his father since the early 1350’s. Andronikos IV rebelled when the Ottoman Sultan Murad I joined forces with John V under vassalage in the year of 1373 A.D. Adronikos IV joined in alliance with the son of Murad who was called “Savci Bey” Savci rebelled against his own father also, both of the rebellions had failed, Murad the I blinded and executed his own son, Murad I demanded John the V to have Andronikos blinded to, but he only blinded one eye of his son.