Impero_d'occidente,_maggioriano,_solido_in_oro_(arles),_457-461 (2)

1st April 457 A.D. Majorian is acclaimed as emperor by the Roman army.

He was born in the year of 420 A.D. and died in August 461 A.D.

He was a very important general in the Later Roman Army. Majorian overthrew Emperor Avitus in the year of 457 A.D. which succeed him the throne. He was one of the last emperors to make an effort to restore the Western Roman Empire. By possessing little more than Italy, some territory in the Northern Gaul and Dalmatia, which Majorian, for three years he fought hard against the enemy empires.

He was truly the last Western Roman Emperor to try and recover the lands of the collapsing  Western Roman Empire with his own forces, as did his successors until the fall of the empire which was 476/80.AD

Majorian wanted to changed and reform the imperial administration to make things better and more efficient. The powerful general known as “Ricimer” who killed and Deposed “majorian” later became unpopular among the Senatorial Aristocracy because of his reforms.