#Onthisday in #history Constantius I 31 of March 250 A.D. and died July 306 A.D. he was also known “Constantius Chlorus” he was the father of the famous Emperor known “Constantine the Great” who was the founder of Constantinian Dynasty.


When he was a ruler he defeated, usurper Allectus in the Britain, while the cvampaign was long and the battles were fought along the Rhine, which they defeated Alamanni and the Franks. In the year of 305 A.D. he launched the successful “punitive” campaign against the Picts beyond the Antonine wall. In the end Constantius died very quickly in Eburacum which is now known as “York” the following year, the causes of the death saw the collapse of the “tetrarchic” System of Government in the very important part of the “Emperor Diocletian”.


In Christian legend, the life of Constantine claims that Constantius was himself a Christian and pretended to be a pagan.

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