#Onthisday in history of 30th March 1432 A.D. Mehmed the Conqueror of the Constantinople was born :

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He was best known as “Mehmed the Conqueror” who ruled shortly from august 1444 A.D. until September 1446 A.D. Then he ruled for another 30 years from 1451 A.D. February  to May 1481 A.D. At the age of 21 he conquered Constantinople which is now known as “Istanbul”. This brought the the end of the Eastern Roman Empire. Upon his major conquest in Anatolia which was very important in the uniting of the Turkish tribes under the house of Ottoman, and later he went on to conquer most of Southeast Europe as far as Bosnia. He was seen as a hero in a legacy.

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Mehmed the conqueror upon cemented his power by building amazing imperial courts and divans which was used for making them solely loyal to him. Which allowed him to have a autonomy and authority. Whilst previous sultans divans would have been filled by aristocratic families and other interested parties who were loyal to the sultan.


Upon the fall of Constantinople he founded many schools and mosques, and in the city. they had Kuliye of the faith mosque. He was recognised as the first sultan to codify criminal and constitutional law, way before Suleiman the Magnificent which showed the classical autocratic image.

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