#Onthisday in history March 29th 1430 A.D. Ottoman Empire under Murad II capture the Byzantine city of Thessalonica. June 1404 A.D. After his success Murad II died in 1451 in Edirne. He was the Ottoman Sultan during the years from 1421-1451 but his son reigned : from 1444-1446.AD and later, he ruled again.


Murad II reign was marked by long wars with the Christian feudal lords of the Balkans and the Turkish Emirates in Anatolia which lasted 25 years. During this he was brought up in Amasya and then he ascended to the throne of his father Mehmed I. His mother was Valide sultan which was Emine Hatun who was the daughter of Suleymen bey the ruler of Dulkadirids, his fathers third consort. The marriage served as an alliance between the Ottomans and this buffer state.


One of the greatest moments in Murad’s life was his son who was known as “Mehmed II:” who goes on and conqueror the Byzantine Empire and the capital Constantinople which brought the end of Rome.


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