#Onthisday in history 193 A.D. on 28 of march Pertinax or also known as “Publius Helvius Pertinax Augustus” Died. 


Pertinax was born in the year, 126 A.D. he was the Roman Emperor for only first three months of the year of 193 A.D. Publius was appointed successor upon the assaination of “Commdus: which was the first emperor to serve during a bad time known as ” Year of the Five Emperors”.

However he was a son of a freed slave, Pertinax was originally a teacher before to an office in the Roman legions, he fought in the wars in Parthians during the year of 160 A.D. through his major success. He went for promotion and high ranks position in military and political spheres, as a provincial governor and an urban prefect in the later years he became a Roman senate. Where he was a contemporary of the historian Cassius Dio.

After the death of Commodus pertinax was emperor, He attempted a numerous reforms but due to his short rule, this prevented any success of happening. One of these reforms was to restore the discipline of the praetorian guards, which led to conflict and resulted in his death.