The gods and demons of ancient Egypt are varied but central throughout ancient Egyptian history and mythology because they were the way for people to understand the balance of good and evil. In many different civilizations there are good and bad Scenarios, the reason why I wanted to write about ancient Egypt here is because they are ever so unique in how they are seen? The good and the bad.


Ra was a solar deity which brought the light, and the upholder of what was known as “Ma’at” and Apep was greatest enemy of ra, who was given the title “enemy of ra” or even to the extent the “lord of chaos”.


Later the understanding and the personification of what was known as evil, “Apep” was seen as a giant snake or a serpent of which there was a huge variety of serpents of the Nile.

Also snakes were believed to be hostile enemies of the suns that existed and there was many scriptures and coffin texts before even the name Apep occurred.

The important battle of Ra was recorded in the tales of Apeps major battle with Ra in Myths of ancient Egypt, the new kingdom. Upon the days the sun was not attacked and glowed brightly and seen by everyone, but the storytellers said everyday Apep must lie below the horizon. In this context this made him apart of the “underworld”. However during the night or sunset, Apep would either wait for Ra in the mountain called “Bakhu” were the sun set or Apep would appear before dawn. Because of the terrifying roar, the underworld would shake. Some various texts claim that Apep was trapped there so Ra was the protector and keeper from him.

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Ammit was known as the “soul eater or Devouror, it was a female demon in the ancient Egyptian religion, it had multiple parts of different animals such as part lion, Hippopotamus and crocodile. Some of the most largest and man eating animal known to ancient Egypt, this was an important part of the Book of the dead and journey, Ammit was a Funerary deity, living near the scales of justice in the Duat, which was the underworld. The scales of justice were used by Anubis to weigh the worth of the soul, “Anubis: weighed the heart of each person each heart was different, it was weighed against the Feather of Maat, which was the “goddess of truth: but if the heart was not true, honest, and pure, it would be eaten by Ammit and the soul would forever be tortured. But their journey would be ended with no hope to be at Osiris’ side, immortal. Ammit was not worshiped but feared and people were expected not to go down the road of hate and unworthiness.

The battle of Horus and the evil god Seti.

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Set or Seth is a god of the desert, storm, disorder and violence in the ancient Egyptian religion, the ancient Greeks name given to seth was Set. In ancient Egyptian mythology set was seen as the usurper who killed and chop his brother Osiris into many pieces. While Osiris’ wife Isis put together his body parts again. Whilst there son Horus sought revenge against set, myths described there conflicts.

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Set in the mythology in Heliopolis set, was born of the sky goddess known as Nut, and the earth god Geb, Set wife was his sister Nepthys.

Throughout the myths Osiris was seen as a “wise Lord, king and the bringer of civilisations and culture, he was happily married to his sister “Isis”. Because of this Set was very envious and jealous of his brother, this was the reason why he killed and dismembered his brother “Osiris”. Horus naturally becomes the enemy of his uncle set which sets out for a great battle, while the battled raged . Set was associated with Upper Egypt and Horus became the lower Egypt patron.

Horus and Set had both had claim to lands, and they could both ascend the throne, whilst the gods listen to both of Set and Horus’ story who had rights over the throne. They had a Boat race where they raced each other in stone boats. Later Horus won the race, set had to officially step down from the throne and give it to Horus, but set was still considered the lord of the desert and oasis. There were many battles and competitions of  Horus Vs Set over time.

Later stories of ancient Egyptians interpreted that the mythology conflict between set and Osiris/Horus was a struggle of the representation between the desert which was “set” and the fertilizing floods which came of the Nile was “Osiris/Horus”.

Bearing in mind the ancient Egyptian mythology is rich throughout history and has many different groovy historical perspectives, this was just a sample of what Major battles and deities took place in the Ancient Egyptian world of stories.

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