#Onthisday in history 26th March 922 A.D. Mansur Al-Hallaj died, he was a Persian Mystic and Poet.

His grandfather was a “Zoroastrian” and his father moved to the town of “Wasit” famous for Quran teaching.


He was born in the year 858 A.D. he was an important Persian mystic, teacher of Sufism and revolutionary writer of his time. The most famous saying he had was : “I am the Truth” which meant in (Ana ‘l-Ḥaqq) which many people saw this as a claimant to divinity, and others saw this as a stance of mystical annihilation of a “ego” which allowed to speak to god and oneself to him.



After a while visiting his family in Baghdad, he started making statements which aroused people such as “popular Emotion” and caused much anxiety and stress to the Educated classes.

Throughout time he gained a wide following as a preacher, before it became implicated into the power struggles and changed in the “Abbasid” court, because of this he had been imprisoned and on the grounds of religious and political charges, he was executed. Many sufi contemporaries had a negative portrayal and disapproval of his action and he became a major figure in the sufi tradition “Al-Hallaj.”


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