#Onthisday in history 1603 A.D. 24th March James VI of Scotland becomes the James I of England and Ireland, when Elizabeth I died.


He was the King of Scotland from 24th July in the year 1567 A.D. and King of England and Ireland from the year March 1603, but from the Union of Scottish and English crown. However the kingdom of Scotland and England were separate sovereign states with their own parliament, laws, and judiciary who were both ruled by James personal rule.


James was the son of Mary queen of the Scots, and the great-great grandson of the Henry VII of England and lord of Ireland both through his parents which due to his unique family tree granted the position to claim all three thrones. But in the year 1603 he succeeded the last Tudor monarch which was Elizabeth, he continued to rule the three kingdoms for another 22 years, this was known as the Jacobean era, after his death of 1625 A.D. at the age of 58 James based himself in England the largest of the three realms.

In his 57 years James was the longest ruler of Scotland and he had the most achievements for Scotland, but the great difficulties in England was the gunpowder plot, in 1605 and repeated problems with the English parliament, however under the golden ages with James, the Elizabethan literature and drama carried on with great writers such as William Shakespeare.


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