Margaret of Anjou was born #onthisday in history, 1430 A.D. 23rd March.

Margaret of Anjou, was the wife of the King Henry VI of England, she was the queen of England, from the years of 1445-1461, and the years of 1470-71. She was born in Dutch of Lorraine and into the house of  “Valois-Anjou.” She was the second eldest daughter to Rene of Anjou and Isabella, Duchess of Lorraine.

Royal 15 E VI f. 2v Presentation scene

Royal 15 E VI f. 2v Presentation scene

She was one the most important Figures during the dynastic “civil wars”the Wars of the Roses, also at the time she often led the Lancastrian Faction. Whilst her husband had  problems with his mental health Margaret ruled the kingdom in his place. Because of Margery who called for the great council in the may 1455, which excluded the Yorkist faction headed by Richard of York, this lead to the civil conflict for thirty years. The Old Nobility of England, and the causes of death of many thousands which included her son Edward of Westminster princes of Wales, in the battle Tewkesbury 1471.


She was taken as a prisoner by the victorious Yorkists after the Lancastrian defeat at the Tewkesbury, in the year 1475, she was then ransomed by her cousin, King Louis XI of France, where she carried on living.



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