#Onthisday in history 238 A.D. 22nd March, Gordian I and his son the Gordian the Second are proclaimed Roman Emperors.


Gordian I was born in the year of 159 A.D. and died in the year for 238 A.D. he was a Roman Emperor for one month with his son in the year of 238, this was known as the year of the “Six Emperors”. They were caught up in a Rebellion against the Emperor at the time Maximinus Thrax but he was defeated by the loyal forces of Maximinus before committing suicide.

The legacy of Gordian he has a high reputation of his amiable character, him and his son were both to have have been fond of literature and achieved great accomplishments, he also wrote some books. However they were interested in intellectual pursuits, and didn’t have much interest or skill as able statesmen or powerful rulers.


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