Mihirmah Sultan was born #onthisday in history she was born, 21st March 1522 A.D. and died in the year 1578. Mihirmah was the daughter the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I and his Hurrem Sultan.


Upon her travels throughout the Ottoman Empire with her father to see and survey the lands.

In the year 1539 A.D., 26th November at the age of seventeen she was married to Rustem Pasha who later became (grand Vizer) under Suleiman and called Damat from the years of 1539-1561. Though there union was an unhappy one, however Mihrimah grew and flourished as a patroness of the arts and she continued going on travels with her father until the death of her husband.


Mihrimah encouraged and influenced her father to launch a campaign against malt, by promising 400 galleys at her own expense, like her mother she wrote letters to Sigismund II, King of Poland, on her father death she left, 50,000 Gold sovereign coins to her brother who was Sultan Selim, this showed the political power she held. She was not just only a princess but symbolic and she was a Valid Sultan “which is usually reserved for the mothers of the reigning Ottoman Sultan 1566-1574, Valid sultans often had great economic resources and often funded major building projects.

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