235 A.D. 20th March #Onthisday in history Maximinus Thrax is proclaimed Emperor, he was the first ever foreigner to hold a Roman Throne. He ruled from the years of 235-238, and he was born in the year of 173 he died in May 238.AD . He was from Thracian Getae reference to “gothic” like. 800px-Maximinus_Thrax_Musei_Capitolini_MC473

Upon Various historical ancient sources, the only ones that are Contemporary, except Herodians, “Roman History” he was also known as the ‘Barracks Emperor’ during the third century because , his rule was seen as the beginning of the crisis of the third century. He attempted to put an end to the Senatorial revolt, the ending result was of his death at Aquileia.

Maximinus had immense hatred towards nobility and he was ruthless when he dealt with those trying to plot against him. Maximinus also eliminated all the close advisers of Alexander, to consolidate his power. His rule was short lived but there was many problems with the Roman Empire during this time, from crisis of rulers, economical, political and constant pressure from the barbarians.


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