Born Alonzo Cano a Spanish Painter 1601.AD  the 19th March in history #onthisday


He learned architecture at a young age from his father who was known as Miguel Cano, and the Painting in the academy of the “Juan del Castillo: he was taught by a famous teacher known as Francisco Pacheco, the teacher was from Velazquez and was also a Sculptor the Juan Martinez Montanes. In his years as a sculptor he created many great works, one of his most famous works was Madonna and child in the church of Lebria, also called “Nebrija”, and various others.

In his later years he was first made as a royal architecture and also a painter of “Philip IV”, and he was also a teacher to the prince “Balthasar Charles, Prince of Asturias. The king gave him privileges such as a preferment of a cannon of the Granada cathedral in the year of 1652. The taking up of the position as chief architecture of a cathedral is a massive achievement in itself.

Personality he was very notorious for ungovernable temper which was at risk of many troubles that could fall upon him,  once he temper risked cost him the capital punishment of many lashes.



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