#Onthisday 18th March in 1241 A.D. The first mongol invasion of Poland, the mongols overwhelmed the Polish arms at Krakow at the battle of Chmeilnik.

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When the polish forces took full advantage of the first phase of the battle but the mongols could see clearly that they couldn’t defeat the poles in a straight battle and retreated but the Polish forces were over zealous and had pursued the mongols which later became evident that they had larger reinforcements and were defeated swiftly.

The Polish armies defeat was devastating for Poland, panic spread across the kingdom. Krakow was a vital and prosperous city of Poland, it was left and inhabitants fled, the mongols had stayed for many days, pillaging the booty of war. Soon after some accounts claimed the city was razed.


The mongol invasion of Poland took place between the crucial years of 1240-1241 which had many battles including:Battle of Legnica in which the mongols defeated an alliance of forces including Poland, and other various Christian orders.


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