17th March #onthisday in history, 180 A.D. Marcus Aurelius dies and the throne was passed to “Commodus” making him the sole Emperor of Roman Empire.

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Who was Marcus Aurelious? He was born in the year of April 26th 121 A.D. and died 17th March 180 A.D. He was a Roman Emperor between the years of 161 A.D. until 180 .A.D. He ruled as a Co-emperor with Verius from the 161 A.D. and Verius died in 169 A.D. he was the last of what is known as the “five good emperors: and he was considered one of the most stoic philosophers.


During his reign the empire defeated the “revitalised” Parthian Empire in the east and the general Aurelius who was known as Avidius Cassius, Cassius destroyed and sacked the capital of the Parthians in the year of 164 A.D. known as Ctesiphon. Central Europe Aurelous fought with many groups including the Quadi, Marcomanni and the Sarmatians with great success, during the Marcomannic wars, even though the reality of the threat was that of the Germanic tribes which had started to rise. There was a revolt in the east lead by Avidius but this failed to gain momentum and spread.

When Marcus Aurelious had written in Greek during the year of 170 A.D. and 180 A.D. whilst on campaign, which were his key moments of philosophy, the philosophy of service and duty, which goes in further detail.


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