#Onthisday in history 16th March 1322. The battle of Boroughbridge took place in the “Despenser wars”.

Firstly Edward the II was a weak and ineffectual king as the comparison with his father and son Edward I and Edward III, Edward II was marked by military failure and internal problems.

800px-Battle-of-Boroughbridge-en Thomas_of_Lancaster

The great number of barony which turned against king, whose main opposition was Thomas of Lancaster. Lancaster became Edwards cousin and he was the second richest man in country. Through some time and the regulation which happened known as “ordinances” Lancaster and his “associates”had put a stop on the restriction of the royal authority in the 1310s, Lancaster had gained control of the government under Edward.


The battle of Boroughbridge,  was a major battle that took place #onthisday in history 16th March 1322 triggered by a group of rebellious barons who rose against the King near Boroughbridge a section inn the North-west of York. Over the long time period there was a major antagonism between the king and Thomas the Earl of Lancaster, which was his most powerful subject andwhich resulted in his defeat and death !. This cause later re-established the royal authority and the hold of power for the next five years.


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