7th August 317 A.D. – 3rd November 361 A.D. he was the Roman Emperor from the year of 337-361. the second son of Constantine I and the “Fausta” he later went on to claim the throne of his brothers Constantine II and Constans upon their fathers death. 

#Onthisday in history 14th March 351 A.D. Constantine II raises his cousin upon Gallus to Casear and put him in charge of the “Eastern Roman Empire”.

In the year of the 340 A.D. later the brothers had clashed over the western provinces of the empire. Which resulted in a conflicted that left Constantine II dead and Constans left as the ruler of the west until he was overthrown and then assassinated in the year of 350. The usurper of Magnentius. Magnentius was not able accepted as a co-ruler Constantius defeated Magnentius at the battle of “Mursa Major and “Mons Seleucus” later Magnentius had committed suicide which left Constantius as sole ruler of the Empire.

Due to the factors of Constatius being elevated by his cousin as Casear of the east. Constantius became ill and died late in 361, though not before naming his opponent as his successor.


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