Catherine Cornaro was born 25th November 1454 and died on 10th July 1510.AD and she was the last queen of cyprus.

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#Onthisday in history 1489 A.D. 14th March the queen of Cyprus known as “Catherine Corna sells her kingdom to Venice.

Venice was interested in Cyprus for a long time because of the growing interest in the merchants trading since the 1000 A.D. but ever since then, the Venetian had been growing their maritime empire into the eastern Mediterranean sea .

While the kingdom of Cyprus had been declining for a while, it was a tributary state of the “Egyptian Mameluks since the year 1426 A.D. Some years later under the control of Caterina who ruled Cyprus from 1474 until 1489, the island was controlled by the Venetian merchants and she was forced to leave her throne so she sold island of Cyprus to the “Republic of Venice”.



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