Alexander II died 13th march in Saint Petersburg, he was the Russian emperor from 1855 and he was assassinated in 1881 he was also the king of Poland; and grand duke of Finland. He was the most successful monarch since Peter the great due to his important reforms. In his achievement of the emancipation of the serfs of 1861, in which he became known, after as the Alexander the liberator

This was important as he strove to change the numerous policies such as examples of the judicial system, setting up an election for local judges, abolishing capital punishment and ending some of the privileges of the nobility and many more. Despite his modernity attempts he was very brutal in his regime of secret police known as the third section and sent thousands of dissidents to exile in Siberia.

In important foreign policies he had sold Alaska to the United States in the year of 1867, which bearing in mind, this was causing lots of problems. He sort much peace with other neighboring European states.


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