Anne Hyde was born in the year 1637 A.D. she was the Duchess of York and of Albany, the first wife of the future King James II of England however firstly she was Anglican but later when she married to James, after that she converted to Catholicism. The year of 1660 she became pregnant by him and he promised to marry her one year before. The couple met in Netherlands, while living in the household of James’ sister Mary. They had eight children together but only two had survived infancy. Her other two children grew up to adult hood one was called lady Mary, when her father was deposition during the “Glorious Revolution of the year 1688” she succeeded him, she also birthed a child and was known as Lady Anne.

Lady Anne the daughter of a commoner known as “Edward Hyde” Anne is best known for her married to James which caused much talk about conversation, and she gave birth to many children.

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