The death of Thumose III #onthisday in history 11th march 1425 B.C. an Egyptian Pharaoh. In the older meaning meant by “Thoth is born”.He was the Sixth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty and Thumose ruled for the first twenty years he was a co-regent with his stepmother and his Aunty known as the “Hatshepsut” who was named as the Pharaoh. The first monument fragments where both assigned to the royal names normally and given their insignia, which never gave seniority over the Pharaoh but he was head of her armies.

Upon her death Hatshepsut, Thumose was later to rise as the Pharaoh of the kingdom, He expanded the empire of Egypt to the largest it had ever seen, he conducted as many as seventeen campaigns conquered the places of Niya in Syria, and Fourth Cataract of the Nile upon Nubia.


Thumose III ruled Egypt for almost 4o years but taking away the 22 years he was co regent he ruled for half this time. During his final resting place he was buried in the valley of the kings where the rest of of Egypt were kings were buried.


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