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9th March #onthisday in history Napoleon marries Josephine De Beauharnais in the year of 1796, he was 26 and she was older, a 32 years old widow, whose first husband had been executed during the revolution. Upon meeting Bonaparte she had been known as the “rose” but Napoleon disliked this name and changed her name to ‘Josephine’ instead  after which was her name became Josephine. When Bonarpate went off to war and battles he would send her love letters. Napoleon had adopted Josephine’s son Eugene and married him to Napoleon’s cousin Stephanie in a political and  dynastic marriage. Josephine also had a daughter known as “Hortense” and married Napoleon’s brother, Louis.

Josephine had lovers which included  lieutenant Hippolyte Charles which took place during the Italian Campaign. Napoleon learnt about this and wrote about the incident in a personal letter, the British had found out about this and published it, Napoleon felt embarrassed and disgusted. However Napoleon was not so innocent in his own affairs, during the Egyptian Campaign he took Pauline Bellisle Foures one of the wives of a junior officer, and she became his Mistress, her nick name was “Cleopatra”.

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