Even though throughout our past women have played an important part in history for various of reasons!


#Onthisday in history which stems back in the year of march 1908.International working women day which is now called international women day is celebrated every year on 8th March, in different regions of the globe the celebrations range from, appreciation, respect and love towards women, and their economic, political, and social achievements. It started as a socialist political event, but upon the holiday it got was mixed with the culture of many different countries. In some of the regions, they lost political favor, this simply gave occasion for people to express their love for women, similar to Mother’s day and valentines day. However this is for political and human rights which was assigned and designated by the “United Nations” which was for strong political and social awareness of the struggles that women faced worldwide, this brought strong hope and manner, upon the celebration of the day women wear Purple ribbons.

As the year went on more countries started to recognize this event and has since been a global movement for change today! Its is a very important holiday and rightly celebrated.


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