#Onthisday in history 1573 A.D. March 7th the Ottoman Empire and Republic of Venice signed a Peace treaty, which ended the Ottoman and Venetian war  ‘1570-73’ this treaty also left the lands of Cyprus in Ottoman hands.


According to Marco Antonio Barbaro, he was a Venetian Balio, who was imprisoned in the year 1570 and was the negotiator that conducted the negotiations for this treaty. Upon the views of the republic, the fact that Venice failed to regain Cyprus resulted in the signing of the treaty of 7 of march in 1573. These state of affairs meant the lands of Cyprus to become an Ottoman province and that Venice had to pay out a sum of 300,000 Ducats. Also there was new borders drawn between the two empires of Dalmatia which was changed by the Turkish occupation of small parts of important agricultural area. This effected the economy of the Venetian cities in Dalmatia. The peace would last up until 1645, which would trigger the long war over Crete.


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